"5 steps to a perfect door"


1 and 2 --Wash, clean up surface

We begin with our proprietary High TSP Door wash and 

Quick dry eraser solvent for the kick marks. 

Oil/hand buff surface with our special formula.

Embedded amalgamators in our special formulated oil, evens out small surface finishes.

We use only terry cloth towels and we trust Mohawk products and use them exclusively as a trusted vendor.


3 and 4-- Fill and Color Replacement

Two Part quick fill/dry epoxies and wax resin to fill all chips, dings and dent. 

In our "kit of a thousand colors" our expert techs custom match color, grain and texture---Onsite, with artist detailing brushes.


5--Seal in the repair

Water based sprays or wipe on lacquer, seal in repairs and match the existing sheen. When large areas need color replacement we turn to a toner- this sprays color and finish in one application.

Planned Maintenance Service

Planned Wood Maintenance

Pricing your Wood Maintenance Program

How it works and 5 Step Process

Most Property Managers have found that Planned Maintenance services work best to simplify their budgets and proactively solve their problems versus the hassle of tracking down and calling out vendors on a reactive approach.


Our techs show up dressed in a clean uniform, with a stocked kit on a proper cart equipped with the cleaning supplies and materials to complete the job in one trip.

How it works and 5 Step Process

Pricing your Wood Maintenance Program

How it works and 5 Step Process

Elevator cab and lobby hardwood finished panels? 

Base trim and hand rails? 

Common hallway doors, core building doors and tenant doors?

Once we have agreed on a program we schedule a start date and you begin to see your properties wood items transformed back to original quality.


The service will start at the top floor and we work our way down. We look at each door a few times as we 



3-fill gouges and scratches, 

4-expert color match wood 


5-apply finish to repair.

Every time, Every Item. We Promise.

Filthy, dirty, stained doors, will be a distant memory. 

Gouges and chips of wood or laminate in the elevator cabs will disappear. 

Scratches and damage from carts to tenant doors will blend away.

We promise you will be glad you trusted your property to PrettyGoodWood, Inc. 

Pricing your Wood Maintenance Program

Pricing your Wood Maintenance Program

Pricing your Wood Maintenance Program

In this inspection process we determine the PMs/Owners wants and needs to fit into budget, accounting for the extra time and materials it will take to bring the items back to an acceptable level. 

We calculate a price based on items, never on time. We count the total number of doors, elevator panels etc, and the computer tells us the price back at the office. 

Most older properties need extra time and materials to being them back to an acceptable level. A start up fee may be included in the initial service. 

One time service


Door manufacturers and distributes trust us with their repairs.

All work is done onsite, in-place, quick and clean.


Punch list worries- let us help

Call us to repair your worst doors, or a simple clean up and minor repair work is no problem- we're here to help any way we can.


Construction damage, Tenant Upfits, "Spruce ups"

Construction sites, uplifts, new hinge locations or handle sets. We can repair all these onsite. 

A minimal call out fee gets our techs there and inside of our two hour window we can do a lot of work. Call us today to see how we can save a door from a landfill.